Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soldier to Soldier

Today Momma Allstar steps outside her comfort zone.  During her travels to St. Louis for a training that Momma Allstar lead with her boss and the President of her company she allowed her roots to shine!  In the hustle and bustle of the airport with hundreds of people around Momma Allstar saw a soldier sitting alone in uniform at BK.  She walked right over to him and 'Thanked him for his service".   Doesn't seem big right?  Wrong it was huge..#1 not one person in the airport had approached him the entire day,  #2 as Momma Allstar got within feet of the soldier she realized he was just any soldier he was a SGT Major.  Anyone that knows rank in the military he has been in the military quite sometime and most likely could of been our Dad. ha-ha  SGT Major thanked her for coming over and thanking him.  Random act and very couragous of Momma Allstar because she is not one to interrupt anyone and certainly not a SGT Major.

Some are not aware that Momma Allstar is prior military with over 10 years of service and has never once and let me emphasize NEVER ONCE used her prior service to get ahead.  People that know of her past always try and get her to tell stories or examples during her training sessions in her current position about her military service.  But to her she did what any other soldier would and is doing serve their country.  Until Momma Allstar I say "Thank you" for making this RAHKed possible and "Thank you" for your service!

Don't let our Soldiers have a Silent Night this holiday Season...Adopt a Soldier


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