Friday, November 25, 2011

Meet The RAHKers Part 3

You have met the AllStar RAHKers and the Zee RAHKers, now it is time to meet the Jay RAHKers. I need to mention again that I came up with the names of the teams but Jay RAHK is kind of already a family name in this case, term of endearment of sorts.

Daddy-Jay is a mans-man, hear me roar type of guy but I have seen him cuddled up with a teddy bear in a princess bed with his daughters. I know he will be able pull through for his team!

Momma-Jay raises the stakes in this game, she is always doing these types of things. In fact she has a huge project going with Synergy Services but since that was prior to this challenge starting, it don't count as one of your 25 RAHKs, Jay RAHKers!! Momma-Jay can be a bit scattered with everything she piles on her plate but she has a way of bringing it all together in a nice precise, organized manner.

Diamond is next on the team, she is their 6 year old social butterfly involved in or participated in every activity under the sun. Diamond is not her real name for the record, just a name she picked out for herself. We are hoping that if it is a stage name, it lands her on the right stages of life!

Pearl rounds out the Jay RAHKers team, she is the cutest 2 almost 3 year old around. So funny and sweet, I'm sure her cuteness will be a huge help. If not she has the muscle to make it happen, you don't want to make Pearl angry!

Now you have meet the teams, time for the RAHKing to begin!

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