Sunday, November 27, 2011

That which wasn't so random turned random!

Ok I know that I told Momma Jay RAHK that her ongoing project with Synergy Services did not count because it started before our challenge but I was totally counting on the Survival 11 Event with the Care of Poor People to count. I admit our attendance was planned prior to the start of the challenge but the event itself and there for the act took place yesterday, after the start of the challenge, opinions please? Should this or should this not count?

While you ponder that thought let me tell you about our day. Momma Jay RAHK, Momma AllStar and Big Brother AllStar headed out to volunteer at the Care of Poor People Event. It was a pretty chilly, rainy and windy morning but we were dressed for the weather and ready to do good things. It was our first time going to this event so we did not know what to expect, only what I have heard from people and what we saw on the website.

We got to the site and there was a lot of hustle bustle from all the volunteers sorting the many donations, cleaning the rain drops from the table, arranging the seating area, preparing the food. We were not really sure what to do but we just jumped in with both feet and were assigned to the food prep area. Momma AllStar is not known for her cooking skills so this is actually quite a mismatch......................until she is presented with the task of opening the large cans of food. This was right up her alley, manhandling large cans of beans and vegtables! Momma Jay is a domestic goddess and loves that crap, she was in heaven making cheesy potatoes like it was her job and she was in a bake off! Big Brother AllStar had the job of delivery the pans to the grill master, he only wore a half a pan of beans, winning!

We put in about 2 1/2 hours there, the whole time even in our gloves our fingers were freezing, our toes were stinging from the cold but we pushed through. Once we finished the food task we left, as we were leaving we saw the line of people ready to attend the event already starting to form, 45 mins early, in the cold windy weather. I instantly felt a pang of guilt as the last line I saw like that I was in for Black Friday shopping, not for a meal, reality check! We walked to our car and Momma Jay remembered the blankets we had in our car from our Black Friday adventures. We drove over to the line and she got out to give a couple of little girls some warm blankets to cover up in while they wait. Those blankets she gave without thinking twice about she loved but that is what this challenge is about! We also took off the gloves we had on and she passed those out too.

So while going to the event was not random, it did lead to an oppurtunity for a Random Act of Holiday Kindness, thank you Momma Jay RAHK!!!!

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