Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet The RAHKers Part 2

You have already met the AllStar RAHKers, now it is time to meet the Zee RAHKers. First I must give a disclaimer. I named all of the teams, they had no choice in the matter. I mean if they absolutely hate the names we will go back and change them but really I don't think they can deny I did a kick ass job with coming up with team names!

First on Zee RAHKers roster is Zee-Hubby. He works with the public and will face many oppurtunities to RAHK people everywhere. Plus he knows every yutube video ever posted so I am sure he has random act of kindness ideas just flowing from his brain!

Next is the Zee RAHKers Captain, Zee-Wifey. She has a heart the size of Texas, is that a country song or is this project channeling my inner Tayler Swift? Seriously though Zee-Wifey loves doing good, one problem, Zee-Wifey doesn't like zee-stage or zee-spotlight. Getting over that issue will be her only stumling block and I know she will be out there RAHKing many!

Next on the line up is Zee-Dog. Yes, their dog is on their team and yes it is fair. They have a weimaraner, it is the size of a human, is treated like a human and acts like a human so he is on the team! I'm not even a dog person but I love Zee-Dog. Zee-Dog loves me, he shows me by humping me everytime he sees me. Have you ever been humped by a Weimaraner, it is hard to fight off! Seriously his first RAHK could be buying some self-control, consider it Zee-Dog!

Their last member is Zee-Granny. I'm not saying we wanted the teams to be made up of 4 and so she got shoved on this team but it does equal things out a bit. Zee-Granny does a lot of things for a lot of people so this will be an easy task for her, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Next time you will get to meet Jay-RAHKers, come back soon!

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