Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kind is Easy, Random is the Hard Part.......

Well the lesson so far here has been the RAHKers are naturally kind people. I mean if we see you fall down nine times out of ten we will help you up and then laugh. If you run out of something and we have extra, we will share. If you ask for us to do something generally the answer will be yes.

Here's the problem, the challenge is RANDOM acts of kindness. This really requires you to put yourself out there. Zee-wife learned that as she offered to help a disabled lady load her groceries in her car. The lady jumped in fear which in turned scared Zee-wife and made her feel uncomfortable. Zee-wife is a bitty thing at 100 pounds so if she is mistaken for a robber can you imagine what one of our tough guys will go through? They could possibly be arrested.

Also RANDOM requires acting exactly at the right moment, a stall in time and the moment is lost. Once for whatever reason a lady's debit card wasn't working and she was trying to get gum and a soda. I watched as the cashier tried a couple of times. I wanted to just pay for the lady but I couldn't get my mouth to connect to my brain. It is like we are so trained to mind our own business that before I could gather my thoughts enough to say add it to mine, the moment past and she was gone empty handed.

I guess there is that fear of rejection that comes along with our good intentions. I think it is hard for some people to except well meaning kindness at times. Maybe that is what has stopped some people from offering, is fear of embarrassing the other person.

Any suggestions on how to make random more natural?


  1. Hi, I am a new follower. Found you on bloggy moms :) I usually to to seize those random moments and it feels so good walking away knowing that you did something selfless. I have also been in your same seat where I am thinking, help, but my mind and body don't connect. It's only human. A lot of times people won't reject help but as long as you try, you know did what you could. Glad to be following along!

  2. Good for you on seizing the moments! Thanks for following, will return the follow for sure!