Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And RAHKers were born

Surfing around the internet I have read stories of people that have completed random act of kindness for various reasons, various challenges. Some have been for birthday milestones, weekly challenges and the days of Christmas. I always admired their work and thought wow what wonderful people they must be, they must have a lot of extra money laying around, with a lot of extra spare time and are in the right places at the right time in order to make this stuff happen. I often promised myself that one day When all of those things fell into place for me I would do it too.

Well then I realized life is always going to be busy, I can always find ways I would rather spend money on and everywhere you look there are opportunities to do random acts of kindness. I took those ideas I have read of others doing, combined and molded them into Random Acts of Holiday Kindness. Then I wrangled my family into completing my challenge. I think I sold them on the idea by letting them know that they would from here on out be referred to as RAHKers, I mean who wouldn't love that?

The challenge is for us to just make someones day a little better, a little brighter and spread a little joy by doing random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season. It can be something as small or as big as the RAHKer can come up with, we are looking for imginations here people. If you are lacking in the imagination department there is always google, no excuses for not getting the job done!

The first season of RAHK is between Thanksgiving and Christmas; 25 RAHKs are required by each team/family (you will get to meet the teams in later posts). We will do going our best to document as much as we can on this blog. This means we will take pictures when possible, tell stories often and share links of events!

There you have the nitty gritty of RAHKers

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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love random acts of kindness. They don't always work out like I'd planned, though. Did you see my failed attempt at RAHKing (http://kbroddey.blogspot.com/2011/10/items-16-and-24-not-so-much.html)? I choose to believe the desire to do good is half the battle, but my efforts will not be thwarted! :)