Sunday, December 18, 2011

Somtimes You Want To GO Where Everyone Knows Your Name

or where it is warm, that was the case for Richard, a homeless man Zee-Wifey met a last week. She went away for a girls weekend and was out having dinner and drinks. That's when a man came in an ordered a drank and was trying to pay with change. Zee-Wifey asked the bartender if he came in there often or if he was ever any trouble. The bartender stated has came in before an ordered a water and was never any trouble at all, she mostly thought he came in to get a break from the weather.

Zee-Wifey took this as an opportunity to make a new friend and went over to talk to him and see if he would like something to eat. He was indeed hungry and of course Zee-Wifey told him to order whatever he wanted to eat because she was treating.

The other nice thing about this story is the young waitress, Zee-Wifey stated that the waitress was a young girl but treated Richard with such respect even though it was apparent that he would not be able to leave her a tip.

Thanks Zee-Wifey for another great RAHK and thank you random waitress for proving those young people are rude sterotypes wrong.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hunger Knows No Boundaries

Hunger knows no boundaries, that is for sure we all know what it feels lime to have that rumble in our tummy. Most of us can solve that problem by walking to our kitchen and whipping up some grub or going to a restaurant and filling our bellies up.

What if that wasn't an option, what if there was no food, no money to buy any?

Zee-Wifey took steps to help stop hunger in our area. She bought $50 worth of groceries from Aldi's to donate to Harvesters, a food bank. $50 at Aldi really goes a long way and gets a lot of food! When making your meal plans this holiday season keep in mind your local food bank and make a small donation, every bit helps!

As a bonus RAHK, Zee-Wifey passed on her cart at Aldi without doing the quarter exchange. If you have never shopped at Aldi's, they have a deposit for the use of the carts and Zee-Wifey passed her cart onto two ladies with a smile!

Great RAHK!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Of The Troops and For The Troops

All of the RAHKer teams have at least one US Army Military Police veteran on their team. Between all of us we have over 25 years experience, multiple deployments to Iraq, Afganistan, Bosnia and Honduras. We have been stationed all over the world from Japan, North Carolina, Hawaii, Colorado and Missouri. We have spent holidays away from family, lived in less than preferred conditions, pushed ourselves physically and mentally. We have served with brave men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Serving our country has been the biggest honor of our life.

It is only natural that we find an organization that supports the military in some way.

Daddy Jay-RAHK has worked with Camp Hope in the past so I wasn't surprised that he was going to do something again this year. What did surprise me is Daddy Jay-RAHK reached out to all of his friends and asked for their help Remember what I said in the introductions Daddy Jay-RAHK isn't exactly known for his sensitivity so to reach out is huge for a tough guy.

Camp Hope is a wonderful organization that helps wounded warriors. We owe it to those that take care of us, if you have the chance check them out here.

Thank you Daddy Jay-RAHK for your service and your continued support of our troops!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Randoms

Well not every RAHK is going to be something huge but with this challenge at the forefront of our mind just being nicer to people in general is showing in some of our actions. Here is a list of some of those random, randoms.

1. At school Big Brother AllStar stopped in the hallway to help someone who dropped a bunch of paper and helped them pick them up. He asked if it was a RAHK and after a little discussion we decided it was common courtesy we should show people anyways. We are still really glad it is on his mind and he is thinking about these things when he is away from home.

2. Nikoli and Daddy AllStar had a daddy/son bonding time at the one and only Chuckie Cheese. Nikoli gave another kid some of his tickets. This is huge because Nikoli takes great care in spending his tickets down to the very rubber fly and tootsie roll. He can typically spend a good 40 mins deciding between a paper fan or a purple jumping frog. Very proud of our little man.

3. Momma AllStar made the effort to call an out of touch friend on their birthday. They only talk every couple of years but because of the RAHK challenge she was more aware and didn't let the day slip by because she was to busy. The convo last 45 mins and was full of good laughs, well worth it for both of them!

4. Zee-Wifey sent money to an out of town family member withnthe request they go enjoy lunch on her. I know she would rather be there having lunch with them but time and distance prevents it. It was still a nice way to say I'm thinking about you!

5. Daddy AllStar has started to jazz up the blog for us, baby steps because it is hard for him not to take over the project, move it to a website and launch a whole project. He is doing good at keeping it simple for me, thank you Babe!

We are still a work in progress on doing actual RAHKs but we are moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work RAHKers!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The More The Merrier

Momma Jay done done it again. What you ask? She upped the standard and this one is a goody.

During her holiday party at work she past out RAHK cards to her cowokers and challenged each one of them to do a RAHK. That is 19 other people out there trying to make someone smile for no other reason but just because. I love it.

Hopefully they will share their RAHKs with Momma Jay so we can all hear about the wonderful things that are happening! I am excited to see what they come up with, I know they are a creatively crazy bunch, pictures to go with would be nice too!

If anyone else has any good stories of random acts of kindness we would love to hear about them. Send an email, leave a comment or let us link up! Spread the word and spread the kindness:)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Belly

Zee-Granny is retired and by retired we mean she doesn't hold a 9-5 anymore. She stays busy doing so many things with zee-grandchildren, zee-granddogs and zee-kids. In the last year or so she has started to clean a couple of houses to make some extra money and keep the boredom away. For the record, Momma AllStar would never ever, ever never be bored enough to wanna clean for fun or money but that is just her.

One girl Zee-Granny was cleaning for was not feeling well this week. She had the blahs with the body aches and the lay in beds with a touch of the I want my mommy. Zee-Granny couldn't fix all that but she did go home and make big pot of home made yummy chicken noodle soup and brought it over. Such a sweet thing to do because you know when you feel like crap sometimes just a small thing like food appear feels like a life saving step.

That was definelty a RAHK, not to mention I got left overs to take to work for lunch today, winning. Love you Zee-Granny.