Sunday, December 18, 2011

Somtimes You Want To GO Where Everyone Knows Your Name

or where it is warm, that was the case for Richard, a homeless man Zee-Wifey met a last week. She went away for a girls weekend and was out having dinner and drinks. That's when a man came in an ordered a drank and was trying to pay with change. Zee-Wifey asked the bartender if he came in there often or if he was ever any trouble. The bartender stated has came in before an ordered a water and was never any trouble at all, she mostly thought he came in to get a break from the weather.

Zee-Wifey took this as an opportunity to make a new friend and went over to talk to him and see if he would like something to eat. He was indeed hungry and of course Zee-Wifey told him to order whatever he wanted to eat because she was treating.

The other nice thing about this story is the young waitress, Zee-Wifey stated that the waitress was a young girl but treated Richard with such respect even though it was apparent that he would not be able to leave her a tip.

Thanks Zee-Wifey for another great RAHK and thank you random waitress for proving those young people are rude sterotypes wrong.


  1. What a nice idea for a blog! Following from the Exposure 99% hop. I hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  2. That's a cool post. Thanks for stopping by and i wish you merry christmas in advance..

  3. That is an awesome thing to do. We found a man sleeping under the bridge to the highway and went to give him food and other things he would need and he was gone. but I now am looking for others to help.

    We paid for the coffee of a lady behind us recently to pay forward and brighten a strangers day too.

    New follower from the bloggy mom.


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