Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Of The Troops and For The Troops

All of the RAHKer teams have at least one US Army Military Police veteran on their team. Between all of us we have over 25 years experience, multiple deployments to Iraq, Afganistan, Bosnia and Honduras. We have been stationed all over the world from Japan, North Carolina, Hawaii, Colorado and Missouri. We have spent holidays away from family, lived in less than preferred conditions, pushed ourselves physically and mentally. We have served with brave men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Serving our country has been the biggest honor of our life.

It is only natural that we find an organization that supports the military in some way.

Daddy Jay-RAHK has worked with Camp Hope in the past so I wasn't surprised that he was going to do something again this year. What did surprise me is Daddy Jay-RAHK reached out to all of his friends and asked for their help Remember what I said in the introductions Daddy Jay-RAHK isn't exactly known for his sensitivity so to reach out is huge for a tough guy.

Camp Hope is a wonderful organization that helps wounded warriors. We owe it to those that take care of us, if you have the chance check them out here.

Thank you Daddy Jay-RAHK for your service and your continued support of our troops!


  1. What a fab organization and a worthy cause!
    Thank you for visiting my Humble Pie blog.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful and inspiring blog you have. I have so much love, respect and admiration for our soldiers. I appreciate what they do, there are still too many people in this world who do not. They don't have a clue, what these men and woman go through, for us and our country so we can continue to have the best free country in the world. We have the best Military, without them, what would we do? We are very blessed to have them protecting us.

    Anyway, this is a great blog. My name is Sarah, I am a new follower, I found your awesome blog through Terrific Thursday. I wanted to invite you to stop by my blog and would be honored to have you as a follower.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.


  3. That's terrific! What a terrific way to give back and show your support for our troops and their families.

  4. I love discovering blogs like yours that is positive and uplifting while spreading important messages. This cause sounds awesome and also sounds very meaningful to your family. I am very grateful for them.