Friday, December 2, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Belly

Zee-Granny is retired and by retired we mean she doesn't hold a 9-5 anymore. She stays busy doing so many things with zee-grandchildren, zee-granddogs and zee-kids. In the last year or so she has started to clean a couple of houses to make some extra money and keep the boredom away. For the record, Momma AllStar would never ever, ever never be bored enough to wanna clean for fun or money but that is just her.

One girl Zee-Granny was cleaning for was not feeling well this week. She had the blahs with the body aches and the lay in beds with a touch of the I want my mommy. Zee-Granny couldn't fix all that but she did go home and make big pot of home made yummy chicken noodle soup and brought it over. Such a sweet thing to do because you know when you feel like crap sometimes just a small thing like food appear feels like a life saving step.

That was definelty a RAHK, not to mention I got left overs to take to work for lunch today, winning. Love you Zee-Granny.


  1. Chicken soup does warm he heart and soul! Sweet of Zee Granny!

  2. I so love the idea behind this blog! And what a cute story!

  3. Homemade chicken soup is the best! What a nice thing to receive and leftovers are always great :)