Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet the RAHKers Part 1

To truly appreciate the challenge I think it is important that you know the teams but first how clever was that title? Meet the RAHKers? Get it? Funny stuff here people and I promise the laughs keep on coming!

The first team in no particular order is The All Star RAHKers, there are four members on this awesome team.

We have Daddy AllStar. He is a computer techy/nerdy guy or as I refer to him, my intellectual badass. His first RAHK will be to help me jazz up the place around this blog. The only problem with that is his techiness is so much deeper than my simple taste so it is hard for him to stick to my request with out taking it over and making it a completely difficult operation that I no longer know how to operate! I'm just looking for butterflies and fairy dust with some swirly words please. Daddy AllStar will be responsible for leading all the snow shoveling RAHKs, or at least I think that is a great idea since along with his brains he also has the biggest muscles on the team!

The next team member is Momma AllStar, that's me! I'm self appointed team captain. I will organize ideas, make sure the liitle AllStar RAHKers understand the meaning behind what we are doing and probably be responsible for all the documentation!

Next we have Big Brother AllStar, he is 11. He is really into reading, video games and playing kickball. We believe it is never to early to put them to work so we expect to get a lot of the labor intensive RAHKs completed by him:)

Rounding out the ALlStar RAHKers is Nikoli, that is his alias he gave his self. He is our little firecracker that is full of jokes and personality. He already sees himself as a fashion icon so I'm sure his sense of style will bring something great to the RAHKs. It might be in the form of a wizard hat and wrestling mask paired with a ninja suit but the power alone can accomplish lots!

There you have it, AllStar RAHKers.

Comeback later and you will meet other RAHKers!

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