Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Big Reveal

No crap, there we were, sitting around the table, Thanksgiving day. Our bellies were full of good food, our spirits were full of family joy and I was there to spread the news about RAHK! I had my captive audience as I knew they were to fat and happy to leave. I just didn't know exactly how they were going to take to it and how I should spring the news on them.

I decided direct was best and started with, "Listen up folks, this is what we are going to do. Either you are with me or you are with me"

I did get some initial push back from a couple of the guys but because I smartly chose to make the women the team captains they quickly handled the push back. I did have to clarify how we pronounce the name, it sounds just like rockers for the record. After it was all said and done, even if it was unspoken I think everyone is actually excited to be a part of this project.

We did get the little RAHKer's involved in decorating the cards. This was a test of my self control because one, I let them use my GOOD scrapbook stickers. Two, I had to go with their uneven placement of said stickers. Three, I couldn't get upset when the placement of the stickers covered some of the information.

Here are some pictures of the little RAHKer's in action:

and then that in which too much time with my GOOD scrapbook stickers turns you into zombies:

Come back tomorrow to hear about our first RAHK!


  1. They look like they were enjoying decorating the cards. :)

  2. They did enjoy it and so did we!